BACK ATTACK | 60m | $75

Aromatic hot towels to the back and the feet start your journey, followed by application of smoothing body peel activated by lactic acid with steam. A deeply cleansing mask is applied. Skin is then hydrated with a moisture quenching back and shoulder massage. An Indian Head Massage with attention to the neck and shoulders completes this treatment. 


Warmed organic coconut and kiwi seed oil infusion is massaged into the scalp using relaxing, reconnecting techniques. Hair is wrapped in a hot towel to lock in moisture while a lymphatic facial pressure point massage is performed.


As above with the addition of hot towel infusions to the feet, exfoliation and an indulgent leg and foot massage..

ARMOA-BODY-REBOOT | 90m | $105

Encompassing full body massage with calming essential oils to take you to a place of deep relaxation, plus a detoxifying, skin brightening facial and a deluxe head, neck and shoulder massage, this treatment is for when there isn't enough time for a holiday. 


Ear Candling is an alternative therapy also known as thermal-auricular therapy which claims to improve general health and wellbeing. This deeply relaxing treatment promotes deep relaxation and is helpful to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. Persistent dark circles under the eyes may be lessened with this treatment. 

PELOTHERAPY | 60m | $60

Pelotherapy is an ancient treatment incorporating mud/clay as a deeply cleansing mineral man to the feet. As the clay dries the feet are monitored via the reflexology foot chart to identify areas of the body that are sluggish or imbalanced. This treatment incorporates exfoliation, hot towels, green clay foot mask and a gentle reflexology foot massage. Can improve circulation, clear internal toxins and assist in detoxification of the body