Caim & Able

At Caim & Able we make our products by hand, using as few ingredients as possible and all of them natural. We know that natural is the best for your skin and for our planet.

In 2010 Caim & Able Founder, Michelle Matthewman discovered quite by accident the remarkable benefits of simply bathing in Magnesium - exactly as they've done for centuries in The Dead Sea.

Michelle's background is in health, she is a botanical herbalist. She has studied healing in many formats – "As natural as possible is what the body and Earth needs."

Her research showed that a Magnesium deficiency contributes to a host of many ailments. Restless legs syndrome, aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes, it has even been linked to signs of ageing. With uses of Magnesium ranging from genuine pain relief to managing insomnia and restless legs syndrome, Michelle was hooked and keen to share her discovery. Interested to see if this simple approach could help many of our 'modern' health challenges ideas began to percolate on a direction forward. 

Believing in the timeless quality of natural products and in the value of therapeutic skin care, she launched Caim & Able.

Each product is handmade, carefully balanced, and crafted from only the highest quality ingredients leaving your skin feeling sublime. Science now proves that the best way to get a really good boost of Magnesium (chloride) to your body is directly through your skin, so there's no better way to get the vital nutrition you need - simply scrub, soak and spray your way to better health.

We're very proud that we have been able to build a brand with ethics and support the community, our belief is that feeling good and doing good, go hand in hand.