My interview with Brisbanista...!

What an exciting week I had last to do some advanced skin education in the city and then amongst all that approached by Brisbanista to be a part of their popular AUSSIES section! A quick call to my super talented friend Jo over at Joanna Kate Photography and we had some fresh pics in the bag and an interview was born! Read it here...Interview with Jo Lane from Joy Division Holistic Beauty...I hope you like it and feel inspired to give my services a try! 

Are you stuck in a make-up rut?

Perhaps you are still using your Revlon colour palette from 1991? Haven't had your foundation matched since the Avon lady called many moons ago? No idea where to start with terms like highlighting, contouring, BB & CC creams...

Check out this article written by Synergie Minerals formulator, Terri Vinson for a few tips on what's hot & what's not in the world of makeup right now. 


Joy Division Holistic Beauty proudly stocks a range of Synergie Minerals and is more than happy to assist you with colour matching and application tips based on your skin condition & type.