Hi & Welcome!

Joy Division Holistic Beauty is where you go when you want that ‘bare feet on lush green grass’ feeling… your beauty & wellness needs met wholeheartedly in a holistic way.

It’s beauty gone wild, beauty done differently…with care, passion & integrity.

A petite home based beauty space providing unique services based upon lovingly chosen products with strong green policies, eco credibility, the purest & most active indigenous formulations, no animal testing, organic, natural, vegan – a strong check list by which products are researched to support the Joy Division Holistic Beauty ethos.

Collaborative consultation…yes! You will be listened to when you bring your beauty challenges. Discussing your desired outcomes and working towards them together is the basis of my belief that the parts of the body intimately interconnected. Holistic beauty teaches us to be pro- active in relation to our wellness, rather than reactive. 

Find joy in the creative treatment menus, absolute attention to detail and a distinct lack of whale music (though I cannot rule out the occasional bird song!)

Let’s begin our journey together with joy!

Joy Division Holistic Beauty proudly chooses Skin Juice Nutraceuticals, Synergie Skin, Sunescape, PONi Cosmetics, Zee Tea, Caim & Able Magnesium, EcoTan, Kaf.Tanned, Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks, Synergie Skin Mineral Makeup and more!

Meet Jo Lane…


Jo Lane is your host – an experienced Diploma qualified Beauty Therapist/Aesthetician/Skin Therapist, driven by a passion for providing a space for you to embrace your beautiful uniqueness.

This includes providing you with a fresh, inviting environment with a creative treatment menu delivered with old fashioned service values (and quite possibly a cup of tea or a book to take home!).

Jo takes as much pleasure in prettying poor feet & playing make-up as she does in solving and correcting your current skin condition. The diversity in daily appointments and her passion for people make a visit with Jo a joy. Even the most routine of treatments include a pamper element.

Joy Division Holistic Beauty is not just a job for Jo, it’s a space from her heart to others.

After training and working in conventional beauty, Jo had a growing urge to provide a dedicated space inviting clients to exhale, relax and regroup with no rush to get through the chosen treatment; a place where time is taken to attend and support the clients needs.

Jo Lane lives in downtown Ferny Hills with her partner, their two school aged rascals and their needy rescue pup, Bowen. For relaxation and wellness, she loves getting out to exercise, getting her hands dirty in the garden & practicing Yoga Nidra. Being a Cancerian, she loves the water and gets close to it at any possible opportunity. She is up for adventure & joy seeking with a smile on her face as an active participant in LIFE!